Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit

Bioeasy Bovine Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit is a blood pregnancy test for dairy cows based on the double antibody sandwich method. It can be used to detect serum or plasma samples of cows after 28 days post-breeding. With the quick visual interpretation in 20 min and easier procedure, it allows the veterinarian to concentrate more on treatment and disease prevention.

Product details

  • Order code: YRBS1001
  • Kit size: 25 Tests/kit
  • Test time: 20 min, room temperature
  • Sample type: Serum, heparin sodium plasma, or EDTA plasma of cows

Why Bioeasy rapid test kit?

  • Early diagnosis: Cows can be tested after 28 days post-breeding.
  • Simplifies test procedure: Serum or EDTA plasma samples can be directly tested without any other analyzer.
  • Quick and visual result: The result can be visually interpreted in 20-25 min, which can be operated without professional training.
  • Safe for embryos: Collect blood samples from the cow’s tail during pregnancy, which is safer than rectal palpation and causing less stress response than the ultrasound method.
  • High accuracy and cost-effective: With the accuracy of 98.67% and specificity of 98.0%, it can classify cows as either pregnant or non-pregnant as accurate as of the ultrasound method but cost less.