Immunoaffinity Column for
Aflatoxin B1

Order code: YRIAC3001-2C
Column capacity: 200ng
Storage: Store at 2-8℃, 12 months

IAC for Aflatoxin B1

· High antibody specificity, can effectively remove impurities and improve signal-to-noise ratio
· Concentrate the targets to improve the sensitivity and accuracy of the assay
· Great stability and little batch-to-batch variation
· Recovery: ≥ 80%, Variability: RSD ≤ 10%

Product Details

Kit Components (25 pcs/Kit)

1. 25 PCs of 3 mL Immunoaffinity Column
2. 1 instruction manual


Solid Sample——Wheat, wheat flour, barley, corn, rice, brown rice, peanuts, formula food for infants and complementary foods for infants, Chinese Tradition Medicine Materials, etc.
Liquid Sample——Sesame oil, corn oil, peanut oil, blended oil, soy sauce, vinegar, etc.
Semi-liquid sample——Soybean paste, etc.