Aflatoxin M1 Rapid Test for Milk

This rapid test is used for detection of Aflatoxin M1 in milk based on the colloidal gold immunochromatography technology.

· Raw milk, pasteurized milk and full cream milk powder.
· Milk from cow, buffalo, ewe, goat, mare.
  • Results in 7-10mins.
  • Detect Aflatoxin M1.
  • Incubate at 40±2℃, excluding YRM1004-0.5Q (at room temperature).
  • Good compliance with EU, FDA and SFDA regulations.
Residue NameLimits of Detection (ng/ml-ppb)
YRM1004-0.2YRM1004-0.05YRM1004-0.5Q  YRM1004-3
Aflatoxin M10.2-0.30.04-
Catalogue No.Specification Kit Components




96Test/Kit12 test tubes, each containing 1 strip of 8 red reagent microwells and 8 dipsticks.
1PC pipette(200μL), 100PCs pipette tips.
Positive standards and negative standards.
1 instruction manual.

YRM1004-0.05 compliant with with EU regulations.

YRM1004-0.2, YRM1004-3 and YRM1004-0.5Q compliant with FDA and SFDA regulations.