Chloramphenicol Rapid Test Kit for Tissue - Easy prepTM

This rapid test is used for detection of Chloramphenicol residues in the tissue based on the Colloidal Gold Immunochromatography technology. 

The whole process includes three parts: sample preparation, sample extraction and detection. It takes about 25mins for one test.

Application: For all the livestock and seafood tissue.
  • Results in 25mins.
  • Detect Chloramphenicol.
  • Incubate at Room Temperature(20-40℃)or 40±2℃ by incubator when Room Temperature is below 20℃.
 Name of AntibioticsLimits of Detection (μg/kg-ppb)
Catalogue No.Specification Kit Components


10Test/Kit1 test tube, each containing 10 red reagent microwells and 10 dipsticks.
10 PCs TT- Easy prep solid phase column.
2 bottles T-CAP reagent A, 2 bottles T-CAP reagent B,                                  10Pcs T-CAP reagent powder C,  1 bottle T-CAP reagent D.
1 instruction manual.